Power Places

Myself, like the majority of humans, have access to electricity. Though only about a fifth or fourth of the world lives without it, for those that consume electricity, it is undeniably integral to the lives we lead.

Electricity surrounds us, not only does it run beneath our feet, it runs within our walls and above our heads. It flows within the grid we created, on of which millions of individuals base their existence.

Power Places reflects upon the consuming nature in which electricity constantly surrounds us. Utilizing a formalist approach, Power Places combines multiple images to emphasize and exaggerate line and negative space.

While shooting for this project I met a stranger who left me with sage advice: "If we all took a moment to look up maybe we would all find what’s hiding in the sky."

This work has been exhibited in

  • Emerge: Student Photography Exhibit (juried), Art Intersection, Gilbert, AZ, 2015
  • Expression & Exploration, Ice House, Phoenix, AZ, 2014